Time To Freak Out About Kyrie’s Knee?

I’ll start this blog by saying this. JESUS CHRIST. I went to the effing Bruins game last night and legit the entire team was out and now I’m getting this news? I spent 100 bucks on some decent seats and I had to watch Riley Nash on the first line and literally found out 20 minutes before puck drop that even Rick Nash was out of the game.

Listen, I understand that Tony Mazz is viewed primarily as a baseball guy. He’s the type of media member where if he tells me something about the Sox, I’m listening. Point blank. But when it comes to other sports, opinion wise, I have a tough time riding along with him. He’s a fine radio host but it’s just become clear that baseball’s his strong suit.

BUT when he drops a bomb like this on Twitter, I need to listen. Not because I trust him whole heartedly, but because you know he’s tied into the media all over the city. Hell, his producer high key has sources on the inside of the Garden walls himself. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Mazz walked out into the hall and good ol’ J-Stew-who’s given us a huge compliment on the Loose Change Podcast by the way-but I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that James Stewart was the guy who leaked this information.

Regardless, what I’m trying to say here is that I trust the source.

And does this mean that it’s time to freak out a little bit? Uh, yes.

A few years back Kyrie had screws put into his knee and now it sounds like they’re ready to come out. And if that’s the case, and this second opinion comes back with those instructions, then consider the Celtics season toast.

I get that the Celtics weren’t going to win a damn thing this year. They’re too banged up and their defensive juggernaut, Marcus Smart, may be out for the year already as it is. I’m not even one of these guys who was guaranteeing a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. I just don’t see it being that easy, especially with the Cavs and Drake in the way.

But just hearing this news that there’s even a slight chance that Kyrie could miss the year scares the hell out of me and even makes me slightly tepid to even say with confidence that I want him back.

We need to be patient and understand that this team isn’t winning it all this year. Now obviously if Gordon Hayward didn’t split his leg in half like an freshly opened Pillsbury croissant container, well then maybe I have a different tune. But YEESH THERE’S JUST NOT A NEED.


And by the way, low key becoming a Shams guy. Slowly bodying Woj into the next millennium. Team Shams. Let’s body that nerd together.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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