Time To Focus On The Celtics

Well now that the Patriots are done for the season, it is now time to focus all of our time on the remainder of the Celtics season. If you have not been paying attention thus far to the Celtics, then you have been missing out. The C’s have been one of the best teams all year (39-15 , 1st in East)  and looking forward to a decent postseason run. That is right, I am already looking forward to the postseason for the Celtics, since they will be one of the top two teams in the East.

So far the MVP for the Celtics this season has to be Kyrie Irving. He is averaging 24.9 points a game, and the team  struggles to put up points without him on the floor. This team is also one of the youngest in the NBA, with the average age being 24.38. The rookie Jayson Tatum is an early candidate for Rookie Of The Year, and Jaylen Brown has shown significant improvement. The down side to this Celtics team, is that they are one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA. For some reason, the C’s seem to struggle without Irving on the court. Sound like last season?

Right now we have three days left before the trade deadline, and the Celtics are looking to make a move. So far the Celtics have signed Greg Monroe to a one year $5 million contract. This provides the C’s with a nice inside presence off the bench that can score/grab rebounds. Is this the best move the Celtics could have made? Absolutely not, the C’s should still go out and find a better big man, or at least another scoring option.

The most recent news is that the Celtics are looking to get a first round pick out of Marcus Smart. This is a tricky situation, because Smart fits in well with this Celtics roster. However, Rozier is starting to play phenomenally, and if the Celtics could get a top 15 pick for Smart, then I would pull the trigger. Smart’s contract is also up after this season, so the Celtics will not be able to afford what Smart is most likely going to ask for. Stay tuned over the next few days because I do not believe Smart will be in a Celtics uniform.

The next four games for the C’s will also be very telling about this team. Just this week, the Celtics will take on the Raptors, Wizards, Pacers,and Cavaliers. These are four playoff teams the Celtics could potentially end up playing, so watch these games carefully. The Celtics seem to always struggle against the Raptors, so I want to see them win this game by a large margin. The Wizards are without Wall, but Beal seams to be carrying the team. The Cavaliers still have the best player in the world and are the Celtics rivals.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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