Time To Be Creative

Well the baseball offseason is finally here. Congrats to the Dodgers on their World Series title, but it’s time for the hot stove for your Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox just finished their most disappointing season since the Bobby Valentine disaster back in 2012. One thing to note is that there were few bright spots this season. Verdugo and Houck come to mind, but not much after that. Hey they did achieve financial success from the disastrous PR trade in Mookie Betts when the MLB trade deadline passed. So with the financial flexibility and Chaim Bloom at the helm this should be the most interesting offseason that Boston should have in a longtime. The Red Sox have so many avenues they could take to get back into the contention, but they need to be smart and creative about their moves.

Bring Back Cora:

This is really simple: bring back Alex Cora. He brings out the best in everyone on the roster, he’s old school and new school all put into one very good head coach. He is not afraid of the moment and takes risks to win. So when you become a villain, you gain a valuable coach and strategist. Make the move!

Say No To George Springer:

Again here’s a quick avenue that has been rumored. Don’t get me wrong I love George Springer, he is a great player, but he’s 32 and giving him a big contract at that age is a recipe for disaster. You need to go after needs instead of wants this offseason.

Add Pitching

You are desperate for pitching when it comes to both starting pitching and arms for the bullpen. I do expect them to be in the Bauer and Stroman discussions and maybe they do sign one of them which I’m fine with. My thing is that I think they will be more likely to spend money on the bullpen so don’t be surprised if they are very interested in guys like Yates or Colome. Which means they would probably be looking to trade for a frontline starter type with years of control. It will be interesting to see Sale and E-Rod coming back at some point next season and see if the Red Sox go a more aggressive route when it comes to the starting rotation or if they add depth to hold down the fort for the time being.

Addition To The Lineup

I did mention that I’m a no on Springer, but I would be interested in spending big money on someone like Realmuto. He is one of if not the best catcher in the league and could make Vazquez expandable to get some more pitching help or even some prospects. The Red Sox should have a 2013 approach and sign professional hitters to a decent lineup already. They should look at Marcell Ozuna and/or Micheal Brantley in my opinion. Either one would give an extra boost to the lineup that already includes guys like Alex Verdugo, JD Martinez, Xander Bogaerts, and Rafael Devers. 

Extending Devers

Speaking of Devers, they should extend him. I know some people say he had a down year. It’s really tough to gauge on a 60 game schedule. Also after a so-so start through the first 15 games or so he did turn into Devers again. Which shows me a reminder of the season if it was 162 game season, he probably would have hit above .290 with 30-35 bombs and well over 100 RBI’s and showed good situational hitting numbers. Also given the fact they did trade Mookie, and the uncertainty with Andrew Benintendi’s future. Sox fans better demand a long term deal and soon when it comes to Devers. I think a 5 year 100-110 million extension would buy him out of his arbitration or a couple years of his free agency.


I think in the end with Chaim Bloom at the helm they will be very creative this winter, but the Red Sox knows that a long rebuild will not sit well with fans especially given the financial flexibility. People will be demanding moves via signings and trades. Also given that the Patriots are struggling, the Boston sports headlines are wide open for the first time in years. I guarantee you the Red Sox will make a lot of news to regain some popularity back.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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