Time for the Celtics to Prove that Kyrie was the Problem

It’s been a year since the newest point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, set his mind that he was committed to the Boston Celtics. However, we all know what the ending result was to that season. A 4thseed in the Playoffs, an embarrassing 2ndround exit, and Kyrie Irving signing with a divisional rival. The question going into this season is simple, was Kyrie the problem, or was it the young guys?

Kyrie Irving took the podium Friday in his Brooklyn Nets uniform, and he opened up about leaving the city of Boston. He reflected upon the death of his Grandfather that happened early last season and how that affected his role as a Boston Celtic.

“After he passed, basketball was the last thing on my mind,” Irving said Friday. “There was a facial expression that I carried around with me throughout the year.”

Irving went on to mention that playing closer to home was a priority to him. Being away from home while doing his job was something that didn’t sit well with him. However, him acting that way, ruined a really special season.

Both sides have something to prove as far as I am concerned. If Kyrie goes into this season and can’t lead his squad to deep playoff run, then what will be said about the All-Star Point Guard? The Celtics have found their replacement in Kemba Walker and they look forward to erasing last season. The young guys, as in Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Jayson Tatum, also have a lot to prove. This will be their time to show the basketball world that it wasn’t them who didn’t get it, it was Kyrie, and that he was more of a dictator rather than a leader.

If I am a player on the Boston Celtics, my mindset is simple, do not let Kyrie have a better season than you without Kevin Durant. That will say a lot about you as a player and most importantly, as teammates.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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