Time For Josh McDaniels To Go?

Is it time to fire Josh McDaniels?

It’s definitely time to stop making excuses. It’s time to stop giving losses a positive spin. After falling to the Dallas Cowboys, The Patriots are 2-4 and if it wasn’t for Josh McDaniels (and Bill Belichick) not trusting Mac Jones, they most likely would be 4-2.


McDaniels knows fans are frustrated. Heck, his own wife even can’t stand his play calling anymore (I’ll leave that one alone).

There are a ton of plays over the course of just this season which call Josh to the hot seat. I won’t even get into years past. The standard with Mac this season has been the run game and then give Jones third-and-long with a crap o-line.

To his credit, Mac has had success in adversity. 

The one that stands out most came in the third quarter with the Patriots leading 14-10 against the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday. It was third-and-1 at the Dallas 49-yard line and McDaniels called a dive to Brandon Bolden. The play went for -1 yards and the Patriots were forced to punt.

Ignore the decision to punt (for now). You have two running backs in Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson who have been lights out and a TD at this point. Harris is supposedly your RB1 by far. Didn’t we learn anything from the Seahawks? Just hand the ball to your workhorse!

Running Back Usage?

Why are we using Bolden in this situation? 

If not the RB’s, then let Mac Jones cook! He’s been lethal in the play action game this season completing 29 of 38  attempts (76.32%) with two TD’s and a 104 passer rating. Why are we not trusting what has been working?

This week against Dallas, Jones was 4-for-4 with 144 yards and 2 TDs on passes of 20+ yards.

Give me more of this!

I hate to bring up the last QB but we know Brady had issues with Josh’s play calling too. He just had his way of handling it

Josh McDaniels has yet to truly trust Mac Jones and the Pats offense to do what they clearly have the ability to do. Now, I know there have been bright spots for the play calling. It simply has been inconsistent. 


I know this is a crap on Josh article but Bill needs to start getting some blame too. The punt in OT (mentioned above) is just one example of a few times Sunday Bill was conservative and took the ball out of Mac Jones’ hands.


The one that I think rubs me the wrong way more so is the end of the second quarter. The Patriots got the ball back with 1:30 left and a 14-10 lead knowing they got the ball back at halftime. It lined up for the good-old double score…

They ran out the clock and took the 14-10 lead into halftime.

If Tom Brady is still here they let him try to get points. It’s validation for all of us that feel Mac is being protected by Bill and McDaniels.

Open the playbook and LET MAC COOK! If not, then fire Josh now.

Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali on Twitter)


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