Through Seven Games, The Bruins Suck

On Saturday, it looked as if the Bruins were going to easily win against the Sabres. But in the third period, it looked as if they had forgotten how to play hockey after looking strong through the first 40 minutes.

I’m not one to hit the panic button so early in the season – but this team has looked incredibly sloppy through the first six games. Between a plethora of injuries plaguing this team and not being able to a hold a multi-goal lead, I grow increasingly frustrated trying to watch an entire 60 minutes of Bruins hockey.

I thought maybe, just maybe in their 6-3 win over the Vancouver Canucks was the turning point to start a decent run – but I was clearly wrong. Sure, having Patrice Bergeron back in line with Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak has helped tremendously – but this team is lacking the intensity to win games.

The black and gold have gotten hit with the injury bug early and often already this season. They already have Bergeron and David Backes back – but they have recently lost Adam McQuaid with a broken leg and Tuukka Rask with a concussion.

They are also without Ryan Spooner who suffered a groin injury and David Krejci is day-to-day with an upper-body injury.

Now, I’m not saying injuries are the reason for their poor play and bad communication on the ice – I’ll never be convinced not having Spooner in the lineup is the reason you gave up two separate three-goal leads.

What’s extremely frustrating about this year’s Bruins team is that they have yet to win back-to-back games. Again, I’m not one to panic so quickly into the season but this does not look like the team Bruins fans hoped they’d see – especially with all the young, promising talent that is on this roster.

We have seen it every game thus far – Boston does not give their all for the entire game. Once they get a lead, they seemingly become comfortable and go all Atlanta Falcons and blow whatever lead they had – and we saw a prime example of this in the loss to the then-one-win Buffalo Sabres.

The team had two, yes two-three-goal leads at different points in the game and a two-goal lead heading into the third period. All they had to do was hold on for 20 more minutes or score another goal and it would have been a completely different hockey game.

Make any excuse you want. But my colleague Adam Belue gave the best reasoning behind this seven game sloppiness: they just suck.

And he’s not wrong.

There’s no urgency once they have a lead, they’re still not rushing to the net and they’re not playing a full 60 minutes of hockey.

We’ve heard excuses from the players: “We weren’t prepared.” We’ve heard excuses from the fans: “Too many injuries. Rask isn’t in net.” Even though just last week those same fans were blaming this Bruins suck fest on that same goalie – saying he sucked in net.

I’m still waiting to hear the “new coach” excuse or “Bruce Cassidy isn’t made to coach the Bruins” type thing. Because we all know Boston fans love to blame the coach.

But if you’ve watched any Bruins games this season, it’s clear as day these problems are within in the players.

The team is off until Thursday when they take on the San Jose Sharks. Call me a Debbie downer, but I don’t see them winning this game. The Sharks always play hard and always have success against the Bruins.

The good news? The Bruins can still turn it around because we’re so early in the season. The bad news? If they don’t, it’s going to be a long season of me writing hate articles about another team that will slowly break my heart.

Written by: Lauren Campbell (lalalalaurrrren)

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