Three trades the Celtics should pursue with Dennis Schröder

As it stands, the Celtics are a right around the .500 mark. But they might need to make a move very soon. One piece that has been talked about is a trade involving point guard Dennis Schröder. So what should the Boston Celtics pursue if it came to trading away Schröder? Keep in mind, the guard is only on a one year contract with the Celtics. So let’s play GM and see what trades the Celtics can pursue with Dennis Schröder.

Dennis Schröder in a trade to Indiana for Domantas Sabonis

This seems like a good fit for both sides. The Pacer are rebuilding while the Celtics would get a big man that can spread the floor and is a solid rebounder. Keep in mind, Sabonis requested a trade from the Pacers earlier in the season. So if the guy wants to leave, shouldn’t the Pacers grant him his wish? The Celtics can use Schröder as a piece to help get that deal moving in motion. Maybe throw in Aaron Nesmith and a pick or two to get the Celtics another big man.

The Phoenix Suns for Jalen Smith

This is a trade that has been talked about before. The Phoenix Suns are a team destined to make a run to return to the NBA finals. They could be a piece or two away. Dennis Schröder could be a piece that helps get the Suns closer to a championship. We all know Schröder can be an elite scorer. Now the piece the Celtics could obtain is big man Jalen Smith. The 6’10 big man out off Maryland can be another big that the Celtics can use for the future to pair up with Robert Williams. Plus, Smith’s contract is only for 4.4 million dollars. So you’re getting a big man for a million dollars cheaper. Wouldn’t be a bad trade to pull if you’re Brad Stevens!

The Cleveland Cavaliers for Darius Garland

The Celtics are a team that needs a pass first point guard to complement Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Darius Garland would be an intriguing option for the Celtics. This trade is a stretch. Especially with the way Cleveland is playing this year! But if the Celtics can entice the Cavs with more young pieces, maybe the trade could come into fruition. This would be a tremendous trade for the Celtics to pair Garland with Brown and Tatum for the long haul.

In Conclusion

Dennis Schröder is not going to be a Celtic after this season. You might as well get some value for him with the way he’s playing. Hopefully, the move helps the Celtics for the long term and gets them closer to actually contending in the East. Time will tell!

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(Information courtesy of: baseball-reference.com)

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The Rafters Pod Ep. 85: Let’s Make A Trade!

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