Thousands Of People Chase A Giant Ball In The Streets

Roughly around 2,000 people in a small village called Atherstone gathered to play a medieval game called the Atherstone Ball Game, yesterday evening. This event has been taking place for 819 years now and is a special event in this British town. Whoever plays, chases around a giant ball for two hours, and who ever has the ball at the end of the two hours wins. The winner goes down in history and is a hero in the town for the entire year.

Giant ball

Wow this game looks electric but also extremely dangerous. Imagine playing this game in a city like Boston where you would have way more than 2,000 people show up. I mean how do you even prepare for this? There is absolutely no way a person can hang on to this ball for 2 hours straight without getting the crap kicked out of them. The ball is thrown off a balcony of a three story building, so I guess you would have to be the lucky person to catch the ball first, then hang on for dear life. This years winner Macauley Riley grabbed on to the ball 30 minutes in and held on for a grueling hour and a half.  Congrats to this man and I hope everyone who punched him in the face trying to get the ball buys him a drink today. 

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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