This “Leaked Footage” Video With The Bengals Is RIDICULOUS

The Patriots beat the Bengals 34-13 yesterday. But, this isn’t the only story regarding the Pats and Bengals that people are talking about. Obviously, I’m talking about the claims by the Bengals that the Patriots were spying on them via camera footage. Well, Jay Glazer released footage yesterday of what actually happened during the exchange.

This video is just flat out ridiculous.


I’m trying not to be a biased Patriots fan here. But I mean, come on now! The guy even volunteered to delete the footage if it was going to be that much of a problem. Shoutout to the Cincinnati security guy for sounding like a COMPLETE nerd too! “The damage is already done!” Give me a break! What damage is there? Is there a play being broken down by a camera guy? NO! So, let’s put this issue to bed and leave it in the past.

However, The Patriots Videographer Has Been Suspended

The videographer’s name who was suspended was David Mondillo. He even released a statement on his own about what actually happened.

Weird move by Mondillo here! But, he’s suspended now. It just seems really weird to suspend a cameraman if he did nothing wrong.

In Conclusion

This whole thing is such a hoax. The Bengals needed something to get them up for the game and it didn’t work. That’s why they’re 1-12, because they’re into focusing on stuff like this. Whatever though, the Patriots have bigger problems to concern themselves with currently. Buffalo’s coming to town on Saturday and a divisional title needs to be won!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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