“This Is Our F*****g City” Speech 7 Years Later

Before I start this blog, I want to thank Al Nahigian, my fellow founder of the Legends Lingo Podcast for this idea. Go check out his articles also on Couch Guy Sports. This one will be a little different as it is focuses on one team. But I think this speech affected everyone around the country and all baseball fans can enjoy looking back on it.

Everyone remembers where they were on April 15th, 2013 when the Boston Marathon Bombings occurred. But one of the only good things to come out of that was the speech given by David “Big Papi” Ortiz before the first game back at Fenway back on April 20th.

What I was Doing That Day

Before I get into the whole speech I will flash back to the day of the bombing for me. I still remember the whole day like it was yesterday. Personally, I don’t know anyone directly affected by the event, but it still was in my home state. I had an early JV baseball game that day at 10am. One quick story from that is one of my teammates fouled a pitch off of his nose and broke his nose. It was scary to watch and I saw it all happen. Back to the main story. I took a nap before I was going to head to the varsity softball game to watch one of my friends play. Suddenly, I was woken up by the TV in my living room being really loud. I heard bombing and ran downstairs. My family and I saw the breaking news and what had just happened. Eventually, I went to the softball game and everyone there was in complete shock.

Now let’s flash forward 5 days. The Red Sox are back in town to play the Royals. There was supposed to be a game the day before, but the manhunt for the last suspect was still on going. But this was no normal game. It was a 1:35pm start time. The Red Sox had on all white uniforms with “Boston” across the front instead of “Red Sox”. This was to show unity with the city and bring the people together.

The Actual Ortiz Speech

Right before first pitch the leader of the Red Sox David Ortiz gave a speech. Whenever he talks about it he says he spoke right from the heart. He had nothing prepared before he went out. The line of the speech that everyone holds on to was “This Is Our F*****g City”. It happened so quick TV channels could not bleep it out. Watch the speech in the video below.

This is showed that everyone in the city was looking out for each other. No matter what happened no one could scare the city of Boston. Big Papi was not only a baseball player, but an icon of the city. He could not go anywhere without being noticed. He was the perfect person to give this speech.

I have so many feelings about this speech. It’s hard to believe I didn’t watch the speech live. I probably had practice or something when it happened. But I still watch it every now and again when I need motivation.

The Actual Game Itself

As many of you know the Red Sox went on to win the World Series that same year in 2013. I think this speech is what gave them the boost to go on to win. The win gave the Red Sox a 12-4 record. But the game was almost as exciting as the speech. With the Red Sox down 2-1 in the bottom of the 8th inning Daniel Nava hits a 3 run homer to give them the lead. It just showed not only the resilience of the Red Sox but the whole city of Boston. Don Orsillio said it was the most emotional call of his board casting career.

I truly believe I am so lucky in so many ways to be born a Boston sports fan. But this speech, this season, this team is one of my favorites. I still get chills thinking about it. With everyone staying indoors to stay safe from the coronavirus, use this as something positive to think about. I know it is one of the most special sports season for me as a fan. I will always look back at this season and realize how fortunate I was to watch this first hand.

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-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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