This Dude At The A’s Game Caught TWO Foul Balls On Back To Back Pitches And I’m Rattled

I’ve been waiting my entire life to catch a foul ball at a baseball game and this schlub nabs two of them?

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at this guy. He’s probably half drunk and he hauled in two on back to back pitches. Catches the first one, and he’s ready to bring in another. Meanwhile, we have a woman suing the Red Sox after she got hit in the face a few seasons back while she was sitting in what I imagine are nearly the same seats. Lady, pay attention if you’re there. Are you serious? You’re going to get mad that you got labeled in the face at a baseball game? You didn’t put your hands up? We have heroes like this guy catching two!

To me that has to be the most impressive part of the story, right? You catch one, just quit paying attention and celebrate. There’s absolutely not a chance in hell that number two is coming in hot today, especially on the next pitch. And what’s up? This guy shrugs off his nasty play, acts like a pro’s pro, and is ready for another foul ball coming his way.

Seriously though I’ve probably gone to give or take 1 million baseball games now in my lifetime from Triple-A to the majors and believe me, I’ve been in plenty good seats to catch a screaming line drive. I’ve always envisioned me saving the old woman next to me. Or catching it in my beer like that woman did last week and then proceeding to throw it down. The dreams are endless when it comes to this. But God has different plans for me and wants me to be unhappy.

Shoutout to this dude for being the luckiest by in the entire world.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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