These Next Seven Games Are CRUCIAL For The Red Sox Season

The Boston Red Sox currently sit at 74-63. They are five games out of the second wild card spot. This hasn’t been the season that Red Sox fans were expecting after the fun 2018 season we all witnessed. However, there is still an outsider’s chance that the Red Sox make the playoffs. The local nine have a seven game homestand coming up. That includes three against the Twins and four against the Yankees. These next seven games could very well determine the season. Here’s why these next seven games are CRUCIAL to save the Red Sox season.

The Twins Power Surge

Let’s not kid ourselves here. The Minnesota Twins know how to hit the long ball. The Boston Red Sox have had troubles limiting the long ball this season. You see where the problems could arise? If the Red Sox cannot contain the Twins by keeping the ball inside of Fenway, then they could be in trouble. The Red Sox have a very good offense themselves. But with a team like the Twins, the pitching staff needs to step up big time this weekend. Will the Twins hit a few homeruns? Sure! But, it can’t be like the 1999 Homerun Derby at Fenway this weekend. That would be DISASTROUS.

The Yankees Are…The Yankees

Let’s make no mistake about it, the Yankees are good this year. In fact, they are scary good. The Yankees come into Fenway for a four game series and can easily win this series. If the Red Sox want any shot at the Wild Card, they HAVE to take at least three games in the series. The only thing that could help is that the Yankees could be resting guys. We all know the Yankees had the division wrapped up back in July. The offense and the bullpen are very frightening to face, especially in a long series. Crazier things have happened. But, the Red Sox need to show up for this series or it could very well be the end of their playoff hopes.

The Athletics and Rays Upcoming Games Are Easy

The road will be much tougher for the Red Sox because of the schedules of the teams above them. The Rays have their next two series against the Orioles and Blue Jays. Those should be easy series wins for the Rays. The Athletics find themselves playing the Angels and the Tigers. Those should be easy series wins for the Athletics. If the Red Sox hit a skid while these teams keep winning, the race is basically over. It’s going to be tough to pick up games over this next week or two with these two teams upcoming schedules.

In Conclusion

These next seven games could essentially determine their season. In this stretch, you have to go at least 5-2.

I hope Charlie’s prediction here ends up being correct. Buckle up Sox fans, it’s time for the home stretch!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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