The Yankees Need to Make a Trade NOW

With the MLB trade deadline approaching tomorrow, the Yankees sit as baseball’s best team but can they win it all without making a trade?  The answer is no.  Plain and simple, the Yankees need a starting pitcher if they want to win the World Series.  But who should they trade for and who would they be willing to give up?  The obvious choice was Blue Jay’s Marcus Stroman, but the Jays did something no one would have thought and traded him to the Mets who are no where in contention.

There are a ton of quality pitchers left like Noah Syndergaard, Trevor Bauer, Madison Bumgarner, and many more but the likely-hood of those teams trading them to the Yankees doesn’t seem likely.  Unless Mr. Money man, Brian Cashman, trades away some talent right now rather than prospects.  As we know, Cashman is notorious for trading away prospects.  But with how good this team has looked with how bad their pitching is, just imagine if they can get one of these three guys — it would almost be a lock.

Now, there is no way the Mets are trading Syndergaard across the street to the Yankees, but lets say Cashman throws in a few prospects, Clint Frazier, and Aaron Hicks.  Both Frazier and Hicks are great players, but for what the Yankees need right now they are replaceable.  If the Yankees did get Syndergaard, then they run into the risk of losing him for next season but I guess they wouldn’t be thinking that far ahead.  Syndergaard is a phenomenal pitcher and would bring a different energy to the locker room.  I think Syndergaard is the clear favorite for the Yankees, especially after having the Mets trade for Stroman.

Same Noah, I don’t either.

The next logical trade would be Trevor Bauer.  I love Bauer’s game and personality and he would be exactly what Yankees fans need.  Bauer is a certified crazy person and every championship team ever has had one that has played a huge roll in winning it.  Bauer holds a 3.92 ERA which would be the best ERA on the team by a whole run.  This deal makes sense, because for some reason the Indians are trying to trade him.  Bauer can pitch, but his personality would be so entertaining.  Just imagine him doing this in New York:

ELECTRIC!!!  The guy just wants to win, and so don’t the Yankees!

I wish the Yankees could trade for Bumgarner, but with the Giants back in the race then I can’t see them trading him.  Bumgarner is an absolute legend.  All of his World Series performances are all-time and the guy straight up loves to pitch and win.  He would be the ideal fit for the Yankees, but once again lets not give up too much for someone who’s going to leave after this year.  And with the Giants back in contention, they would be asking for the world in order to trade their ace.  It doesn’t seem likely or logical.

Hopefully the Yankees can hold off the surging Red Sox, who are only back nine games.  I think the Yankees will trade for a pitcher but it won’t be any of these three.  Also lets not forget that Luis Severino should be back at some point this year, and he’s their clear starter.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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