The Yankees Kid Who Hates Manny Machado Is the Hero MLB Twitter Didn’t Know It Needed

Yesterday, this squirrely little Yankees fan aired OUT Manny Machado when someone broke the news to a crowd that Machado had just signed a deal with the Padres. And from that moment on, he became a Twitter all-star.

Look, first of all, I already know that I’m a day late on this so let’s chill. Some of us can’t blog all day and might have to write for other publications too. Is that the case? Like David Price said, it’s not that hard to figure out, idiot. Maybe not exactly what Price said, but that’s basically what he said.

But this Yankees kid… YEESH. How did someone manage to take a middle-aged man and turn him into a child? Because this kind of pent up anger towards an athlete only stems from years of watching and hating and hating and hating some more. That’s all it is.

I’m a Red Sox guy. Some might say, a big Red Sox guy. And Yankees fans were fine for a little while. They weren’t as insufferable when they’re team STUNK basically up until two seasons ago. Last year, they came off of the top rope though and reclaimed the crown for being the worst of the worst. And that’s not really a bad thing, I guess. I like disliking Yankees fans like they probably like hating Red Sox fans. It’s the circle of life. I don’t hate any Yankees fan personally–I just hate their life choices. I think that’s respectable, right?

I mean hey, look, it’s not our fault that the Red Sox are the most dominating team in the 21st century while their best insult is “27 RINGS!”. We get it. Your rings during the Great Depression must have meant a lot to you.

But this kid. This is my favorite Yankees fan of all-time. The pure resentment he has towards Manny Machado might be unmatched. I’m no Machado fan. Quite frankly, I think he stinks on ice. I would have loved for him to become a Yankee because that would have been like pouring a tanker truck filled with gas onto a fire for this rivalry.

His rant was flat out unbelievable. He doesn’t want ANYONE who has played in the AL East on the Yankees which is blasphemous. Kid, have you SEEN Mookie Betts handle a baseball? It’s like watching God work his craft.

This Yankees kid is already a legend and I think it’s wrong if the Yankees don’t honor him with a statue outside of Yankee Stadium. His passion for this team… Unbelievable.

And if you don’t think that this kid has spent every moment of his young life listening to Mike Francesa, you’re lying to yourself. That was a line by line Francesa rant. I’m 99% sure I’ve heard that during the Afternoon Drive at some point already.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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