The Yankees are Truly a Poverty Franchise

Normally, I try to be as unbiased and fair in my articles as possible. However, after today’s news, I’m not sure I can be: The Yankees Franchise are resigning Aaron Boone might be the worst move made this off-season. And as a Red Sox fan, I’m ecstatic about it.

The Positive:

Ok, there are some good reasons for the Yankees to extend Boone’s contract. In the 4 years he’s been the manager, he has a .601 winning percentage, including at least 100 wins in both 2018 and 2019. That’s a pretty great track record. 

The Negative:

While Boone’s had success in the regular season, that hasn’t translated to the postseason. He holds an even .500 record in the postseason, which is made up of 2 Wild Card game losses, 1 Wild Card series win from 2020 (2-0, Indians), winning one out of three Division Series (1-3, Red Sox, 3-0, Twins, 2-3, Rays), and losing their lone Championship Series (2-4, Astros). For such a storied franchise, making just one championship series should not be enough.

And it’s not like he hasn’t had talented teams. The 2018 overachieved thanks to many players having career years, but then they invested in that team in the next few years with additions like D.J. LeMaheiu Gerrit Cole and Zach Britton, culminating in this past trade deadline where they acquired Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo, only to lose in the Wild Card.

Now, some of these players have certainly underachieved, but that’s not the whole of the picture. Boone has decided to run out lineups highlighted by Tyler Wade, Brett Gardner, and Miguel Andujar instead of using their better bats on some days. I get that you need to rest guys, but how about staggering some of those instead of completely giving up some games?

In addition, you have to give him at least some of the blame for Gleyber Torres’ struggles. After being an All Star his first two years in the big leagues, Gleyber has fallen off a cliff. I can’t help but blame this on poor coaching, as it seems his issues are primarily his plate approach and defensive miscues. While there are fielding and hitting coaches, that ultimately falls upon the manager for not nursing a star player to be even better.

Concluding Remarks:

I’m not a Yankees fan by any means, so my analysis could be wrong, but it really doesn’t seem like Aaron Boone is the manager this Yankees team needs. And it seems many Yankees fans agree with that assessment:

Face it, Yankees fans, Boone is not going to manage your team to another championship. The only way you’re going to see a World Series will be through superior talent, which you do not have right now.

And as a Red Sox fan, that almost makes me happier than being on track to making a World Series ourselves.

Featured Image Source: YanksgoYard.com (Fansided)

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