The Worst Part about the Jimmy G Trade is I have to Watch College Football Again

The future of the New England Patriots is no longer in the building, with the heir apparent being shipped to San Fran to try and pull that franchise out of the sludge the Pats have to look to the draft for a new successor. Now as a fan of the pro game who went to a college with a D 3 team I don’t really get why college football is so big when the games can be absolutely brutal to watch.

As a fan of a team that executes game plans with amazing precision it’s tough to watch college kids make one headed plays seemingly every series. No position in college football is more responsible for the shit decision and bad play recently. It really scares me that one of these guys is going to be taking the reigns from the GOAT.

I haven’t really been plugged into the college game since the Luck years at Stanford, when he and RG3 where competing for the top pick. In Years before that you had Newton and renowned but it seems like a while since any QB has really stood out and dominated really since Johnny Football.

In the upcoming drafts it’s hard to pick a winner from a fans perspective. In the last few years it has seemed like your as likely to get a starter in the fifth as in the first with even guys like Manziel and RG3 busting.

Written By: Jason MacKinnon

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