The Videos Out of Philly Last Night Were Pure Poetry in Motion

Honestly, I’ve given Philadelphia a ton of crap leading up to the Super Bowl, and I’m not going to act like they don’t deserve it. The fans have been scummy. They’re meatheads who will brawl over a Philly Cheesesteak, but I gotta respect them.

I know they’re a bunch of animals and honestly, if Trump’s building a wall it should be around Philly so we can keep those animals caged. No offense, seriously, but you know you kind of scare the hell out of me. But one thing that a guy from Massachusetts can respect is a passionate fanbase and my God did we get some highlights last night. If ESPN knew how to win back their audience, they would nix their top 10 sports highlights segment, and throw in the top 10 videos out of Philly last night.

If you’ve ever thought about going to Philly, check out these videos and then reevaluate your decision. ESPECIALLY if you drive a Toyota Prius.

It was anarchy in the streets last night. Start to finish and I loved every moment of it. Philly has been dying for a Super Bowl for years and they got it and acted like the world was ending and that was how they were riding to their death.

Sure, you gotta feel bad for the businesses that were mauled by these savages, but Wawa had to have known that was coming. You were open AFTER THE SUPER BOWL!? If you don’t want your store destroyed and ripped to shreds that night, close up. No shot it’s going to be standing the way you opened that night. Even Macy’s took a hit with some guys dressed like they were villains in a Christopher Nolan movie.

Poetry in motion. Pure beauty. Elegance. Class. Philadelphia, as scummy as you are – you’re the scum this dark world needs sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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