The Under the Radar Move The Red Sox Should Make This Off-Season

The one constant problem with this Red Sox team is not having that one legitimate power threat that is consistently there. The Sox should go get Khris Davis… no not the Orioles Chris Davis, although I would love that, the Khris Davis playing with the A’s. He has flown under the radar this entire year and sneakily put up 39 home runs, tied with Aaron Judge for the American League lead.

Yes I know Davis is only batting .240 but I think being put in a hitters park like Fenway would be nothing but a great idea. The reason I would want to put such a young kid, only 29, at DH is because there is no room in our outfield. Also because he has had issues with over throwing and even under throwing balls to cut off men in the past so putting him at DH solves that issue.

I don’t think it would take a lot to pry him away from the A’s due to the simple fact Billy Beane basically hands out all of his good players to anyone who wants them. If the Sox play there cards right and do decide to make a run at him I could see them only giving up a few mid level prospects and maybe 1 MLB ready guy.

The only sad thing is that if they do that it most likely means consistently Two Bags is not going to get resigned… I also really want them to bring him back. Overall definitely think it is something to look into for the Sox even if it is just to put a feeler out there to see what the asking price for Davis would be.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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