The Terry Rozier Quandary

The NBA Finals is probably going to end tomorrow with a Warriors sweep over Lebron. That leaves us with the entire summer to speculate what will happen to this Celtics team and the rest of the NBA. In regard to Boston, outside of Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier is the biggest question mark. His stock skyrocketed from his incredible playoff run and he will never be worth more as an asset than he is currently. Scary Terry’s performance proved that he’s an incredibly great role player to have on a team and impacts winning positively. That performance also indicated that Danny Ainge can probably whip up a pretty sweet trade with Rozier involved.

What Should Ainge do with Terry Rozier?

People used to make jokes at how Ainge would trade everybody except for Terry. Well, turns out he wanted to get his stock skyrocketed before making a deal. Before this previous season, Rozier would have just been a throw-in piece for a deal. Now, he can be the centerpiece of an offer for someone/something great.

In my opinion, the Celtics should package Terry, their first round pick this year and 2 years from now (Stepien Rule: Cannot trade consecutive years 1st round picks) for the Mavs 5th overall pick. The Mavs will probably say no initially to this offer so maybe the C’s gotta toss some second rounders in there or an Abdel Nader of sorts. With that 5th pick, the Celtics should look to draft Mo Bamba from Texas. He’s a center the Celtics could desperately use. Once he is drafted he will have the longest wingspan in the NBA at 8’0”. On top of that, he was reported to have a faster sprint time than players such as Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade, and John Wall. Basically, that means the Celtics would be getting Rudy Gobert mixed with Russell Westbrook.

Would Terry Play Well on another Team?

Many players who have played for Brad Stevens and then went on to another team did not play as well as they did as Celtics. Isaiah Thomas struggled, Jae Crowder fell off a bit, Avery Bradley became a no name, and Evan Turner screwed Portland by getting way too much on his contract. Terry wasn’t a system player though like the rest. He was an opportunistic player who stepped up and balled his ass off when he needed to. He’s a gritty player who I believe would succeed anywhere. Dallas is the perfect spot for him to get tons of minutes and show how good he consistently is. I love Terry and would love to see him get a ring in Boston, but he can shine as a starter on another team and deserves that as well. Scary Terry will always be a Boston Celtic.

-Brandon Black ()

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