The Sneaky Red Sox Strike Again

Credit where credit is due…Red Sox ownership pulled another sneaky and highly confusing move under the cover of the Game 7, of  what is arguable the greatest World Series ever.

The Red Sox hired Hall of Fame manager, Tony La Russa, as Vice President and special assistant to Dave Dombrowski in the wake of the Astros going on to win their first championship in franchise history. La Russa’s resumè speaks for itself, plain and simple he is a baseball guy through and through. Definitely someone you would want LEADING your club, especially one in the case of the Red Sox with so many young players coming up an making impact at the Major league level.

This move looks good on paper but don’t be fooled, there is something fishy about this. Part of La Russa’s claims he will “just be a resource” for the Red Sox but why bring him in to be “just be a resource”. I get it, to be there in case newly hired manager, Alex Cora, needs his advice or guidance…but….why even hire a manager that you seem to not have full faith in?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, THIS CLUB NEEDS A LEGIT LEADER IN THE CLUB HOUSE!! So Dave Dombrowski goes out an get a rookie manager, which I am not against I actually really like the move, but if you hire him then feel like you need to bring on an additional “resource” what type of message is that sending to both the manager and the players? The off-season is only a mere 2 days old and you are already showing signs of lack of confidence in your manager?

This club is not a club that is stable enough to bring in a new leader that you already are showing a lack of confidence in. They desperately need a solid and confident leader that can keep this group of characters in check and focused on the main prize at stake. If you werent going to do that then why even bother getting rid of Farrell? why not just keep Farrell and bring La Russa on board as kind little fire under Farrell’s butt? This is just not sitting well with me and I think all of Red Sox nation needs to be a little on edge about this.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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