The Red Sox Fell Victim To The Dumbest Rule In The MLB Baseball Last Night

Riddle me this you schlubs in the front office of the MLB. In the playoffs, if a game begins and then the rain becomes unbearable, what happens? The game is pushed off until another night and it is picked up right from where it left off.

What happens during the regular season? Well if you start a game and it doesn’t make it to the 4.5 inning minimum, THEN YOU GOTTA START THE WHOLE THING OVER.

In what world does this make sense!? Look, I’m typing this out and in my head, as I write, I’m yelling. Not angry yelling, more like astonished, “what the hell is this” yelling.

Last night was a spectacle of all spectacles. The Red Sox catch wind that the Yankees lose to another garbage team again and they have a shot at six games. Well, I’m guessing. And then they decide, “Well hell, how about we murder the Orioles and take another six-game lead?”

The Sox came out and started dropping bombs literally before the second out of the game was made. And it wasn’t even Mookie Betts who was making the noise. Andrew Benintendi, Mr. Handsome, rips a bullet to right field for his “15th” home run on the season. Good for the kid. And then JD Martinez does his thing, decides to pull the ball and goes yard. Instant 2-0 lead. And in the second? Mookie Betts comes up with two men on and blasts a 3-run bomb.

Red Sox are up 5-0 and we’re about to see them cruise to a massacre. Things they would have written in the history books. But, but wait. The MLB, the most incompetent league out there in regards to doing things that their fans actually want them to do, suspends the game. And no, it doesn’t pick up where it left off. Everything they did. All three of those home runs? Basically batting practice. Adios. Never happened.

Again, what are we doing here? What harm would it be to pick up right where it left off? The Sox have a  stranglehold on the division right now but that could change. It could come down to one game with the Yankees and if the Red Sox replay that game and lose, this will now be a serious issue.

Every game, especially in the AL East this season, matters a whole hell of a lot. And we’re stripping away a game that the Red Sox had that easily in hand?

I don’t understand why, if it’s a playoff game, you can pick up where you left off but not in the regular season. Is it a fan thing? You don’t want fans coming out to only catch part of a game? Well, what if the game gets rained out in the 6th? Aren’t we seeing the same thing? Only a partial game?

I’m honestly not even mad about the rule. I’m mad online. But in all seriousness, this is one of the dumbest rules in sports and it isn’t even close. If the Red Sox drop this makeup game, that’ll be a ROUGH look on the MLB. Granted, by the time they do this makeup game the Orioles will probably have fans playing on the field after they sell everyone off. Regardless, it’s a dumb rule and I hate that it even has the chance to take away a Red Sox win last night. Not to mention it erased three bombs off of the board too.

I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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