The Red Sox Are On Their Last Leg

Everything was trending upwards for the Red Sox before their last series with the Orioles. The team was 9-5 and had a great opportunity to beat up on the worst team in baseball. You would think they would at least win two out of three games. however, they ended losing two out of three games in terrible fashion. Now Boston is going into a massive bender against the Rays and Yankees. The Red Sox have 14 straight games against the two teams that are ahead of them in the AL East. This is the time to capitalize and turn the season around.

These next 14 games are geared towards getting past the Rays in the standings and trying to grab a wild card spot. Unless the Yankees choke down the stretch, the Red Sox aren’t going to catch up to them in the standings. I’m not saying the Red Sox can’t do it, but it will be a tall task. If they want to salvage the season, they will have to at least go 10-4 over this stretch. Every win will inch them closer to the postseason. As Jared Carrabis said, this is do or die time for Boston. If the team doesn’t make up any ground over the next 14 games, then their season is done. The slow start that the team had in April plus the collapse of the bullpen put this team in a deep hole.


So strap your selves in, because the next 14 games may drive you nuts. This will either get everyone excited about the team again, or fans will start getting ready for football season. I’m hoping the Red Sox will turn the tide and give us something to cheer about, and I think they will.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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