The Rafters Pod Ep. 97: Celtics Punch Back

The Rafters squad is back and hopeful that the Celtics can punch back against the Milwaukee Bucks in game 2!

In game 1, Milwaukee routed the Celtics in a 101-89 showdown. No loss is without it’s bright spots though. Boston continues to exemplify lock down defense on opposing stars, holding Giannis to 9 of 25 shooting on the night. The Bucks were just able to hit more threes than Boston and that ultimately made the difference. With Kris Middleton out until at least game 5, this series is still up for the taking.

Unfortunately for Boston, Marcus Smart went down with an injury in the first game keeping him out for the following match up. Justin and Liam give their keys to a Celtics victory without the Defensive Player of the Year.

Jaylen Brown opened up the series with an atrocious shooting performance tallying a mere 12 points with most of those points coming late in game. A better shooting performance from Brown will be key in a game 2 victory and any other win going forward. Liam poses the question though, is this just what we have to expect from Brown? The young star has shown poor habits in his career this far in regards to sloppy passes and untimely turnovers. Is it time to chalk Brown up as a fringe star who struggles to raise his play to playoff occasions? Maybe it is a overreaction from his abominable game 1 performance but maybe Liam is onto something.

One of our co-hosts puts his “tinfoil hat” on to talk NBA conspiracy in regards to the end of game 1. Being down 12 points with 2 minutes left on the clock, Ime Udoka pulled the starters and threw in the towel on the game. Was this a safe decision or was there something deeper leading to Stevens and Udoka’s clear surrender late in game?

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