The Rafters Pod Ep. 58: What Are The Celtics Doing Wrong?


The proverbial car that is the Celtics season has hit a patch of black ice and is now spinning out of control. In the February 24th pre-game interview with Jayson Tatum, screams and noises of chairs hitting walls can be heard blowing up in the background from the Celtics locker room. They followed that up with a 127-112 loss to Atlanta. All is not right in the city of champions. 4-6 in their last 10 games and 17-17 for the season all is not lost yet but drastic changes need to be made. These changes don’t need to be so much personnel changes as attitude. In this episode, Liam breaks down why the Celtics are falling apart and what they can do to get back on track and salvage the season. Why has the team has a whole dropped in almost every important statistical category? Can Marcus Smarts return fix all of these woes? Tune in to Episode 58 of The Rafters Podcast for these answers and much more.

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