The Rafters Pod Ep. 4: Trade Deadline Edition

The Rafters Pod is back for yet another week. Our fourth week. A month, some may say. Many things are happening in the NBA and we are here to discuss them.

-Quick Super Bowl recap. I mean real quick. If you pretend it’s a lightning round it still may seem quick.

-The Celtics are on a 5 game winning steak. Gordon Hayward is still garbage, certainly, but he’s been OK. Jaylen has been significantly improving. These are statements.

-Kristaps Porzingis is now a Maverick. This is something that should frighten the NBA. We don’t know yet if Kristaps is going to come back a menace, or a legless menace. Both scary. We talk some Mark Cuban, shark and known t-shirt wearer.

-Tobias Harris traded to Philly. What this means for the Celtics even though the 76ers will just never win ever.

-Anthony Davis has the League in a frenzy. The Lakers threw their entire team at the Pelicans and the Pelicans said no thank you.

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