The (Potential) Big Trades of the 2021 MLB Offseason

The MLB offseason has been pretty slow the past few years, especially compared to the NBA and their flurry of deals the opening night of free agency. We’ll likely not hear where Trevor Bauer or Marcell Ozuna will go for while. But one market is starting to heat up, and there could be a few trades on the horizon that will shake up the league. Let’s analyze the biggest names that could be moved this winter.

Kris Bryant Headed to Boston – or Washington?

As a resident of Red Sox Twitter, reports seem to be indicating the team wants to trade for Kris Bryant and move him to left field, meaning Benintendi will likely be on his way out. However, reports are also saying the Nationals might make a move for the current third baseman, taking over the spot vacated by Anthony Rendon last offseason. I think either spot could make sense, but considering Bryant is a natural third baseman I think Washington has the edge, at least if Bryant has any say. Of course, he does have two years left on his contract, so it will probably be the team with the better return package to Chicago.

Correa on the Move?

If this is true, I have to think there’s something going on behind the scenes in Houston. Trading your star shortstop in Carlos Correa, only to turn around and go after LeMahieu? I know he was somewhat disappointing last year, but so was the whole team. But you want to trade the 26 year old and turn around to sign a 32 year old? Then, you likely have to play one of DJ or (30 year old) Jose Altuve out of position at short. That, or DH one of them and go find someone else. It just doesn’t make sense to me. There must be some sort of conflict, probably in regards to the 2017 cheating scandal if we’re honest. Look for a lot of teams to run with these rumors. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this means Houston trades everyone and blows up their squad.

Will Lindor Finally be Traded?

Fellow shortstop Francisco Lindor has been rumored to be on the trade market since last offseason. Cleveland doesn’t seem too keen on keeping their star players, and the majority of teams would pay a king’s ransom to lock up the 27 year old. But considering a deal hasn’t been made this entire time, I’m also curious why there’s such a hold up. Is Cleveland holding out for someone to overpay? Is the market smaller than we thought? Are teams afraid Lindor wants to be a free agent after his contract ends? I have a lot of questions. But Lindor’s talent is undeniable, and he really should be playing for a team that wants him. I would be surprised if no one trades for him this offseason.

Rays are “open” to Trading Blake Snell

I don’t know what it is, but I have a feeling the Rays just aren’t that big of fans of Blake Snell. Between pulling him early from a World Series game and now reports saying they’re “open” to trading him, they just aren’t showing a lot of interest in their own ace. They aren’t actively shopping him, but the point remains. I think Snell stays with the Rays, but he also could make a big stink about how he’s being treated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Are there any more trades you’re keying in on? Let me know in the comments!

– Pat Shuman (@PShu1996 on Twitter)

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