The Point Fraud Is Going To Cost The Suns

The Clippers took Game Three last night and now trail 2-1 in the series against Phoenix. One of the headlines going into game three was that Chris Paul was going to be inserted back into the starting lineup. Doing this sent Cameron Payne back to the bench after a solid two starts in the first two games of the series. Now what went wrong for the Suns in game three last night. Well I am going to tell you and I am going to tell you how the rest of this series plays out as well.

Chris Paul Coming Back From Having Covid-19

This is the story that should be talked about the most, but it won’t get talked about in major media companies. When a player comes back from having the virus, they are never the same right away. We have seen stars like Jayson Tatum and others that have struggled to get in rhythm after having covid-19. Chris Paul showed last night that he is not where he was in the first two rounds of the post season. He was horrendous from the field last night besides finishing with a double double, he did not look good last night.

I think he is going to swing the momentum right in the Clippers favor here. Chris Paul is going to hold this team back right now. If he is going to continue to be as bad as he was last night, there is no shot that the Suns will win this series.

How Does The Series Play Out ?

If masked Devin Booker is going to continue to struggle to breathe properly on top of Chris Paul continuing to stink in a Conference Final, don’t count on the Phoenix Suns going to the NBA Finals. If the back court of Patrick Beverley and Reggie Jackson are going to shoot better than Devin Booker and “the point fraud” we will see the Clippers moving on to their first NBA Final appearance ever.

Phoenix is a two free throw makes from Paul George away to being down 2-1 in the series. Phoenix is going to need to find other ways to win, because the point fraud is going to cost them a chance at going for an NBA Final this year.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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