The PGA is more Exciting than the NBA and It’s Not Even Close

By: John McCormack

Last night Brooks Koepka wrapped up his fourth major in just 23 months, and was the first golfer since Tiger Woods to lead wire-to-wire in a major.  Last night was also a very exciting game three of the Eastern Conference Finals that got completely overshadowed by golf and Game of Thrones.

The PGA is more exciting than this years NBA Playoffs, and personally it’s not even close.  The NBA has been predictable for about 10 years now with things like LeBron will make the Finals, the Warriors will be overwhelming favorites to win, the Phoenix Suns will stink, and James Harden will hit a step-back from half-court.  It’s predictable year after year after year.

Last nights Bucks-Raptors game went to two overtimes and from what I watched for a game recap it seemed like a really good game to watch.  But this is the NBA’s problem….it’s too predictable once playoffs come around.  We always have a 1 vs 2 seed.  All of the major sports are predictable.  You either have the Patriots, Warriors, LeBron, Red Sox, or Penguins contending for a championship.  But this is where golf excels.

The PGA and its majors have been much watch this year.  I’m a huge golf fan and I love sitting down on a Sunday and watching these guys try to hold off leads.  I think its one of the best things in sports.  Watching Tiger finally win another major was better than any Warriors championship.  It just hits different.  Golf is one of those “me” sports.  It’s you vs everyone and the amount of work you put in is all for you.  It’s not for a team, but instead it’s for “me.”

I was glued to my television these past two majors watching just straight up ballers, ball.  While also enjoying a good meltdown here and there (I’m looking at you Molinari).  Koepka is a baller, much like basketball players but in a different sense.  Because unlike the NBA, golfers have to deal with Mother Nature.  I would love to watch Draymond Green try to shoot a basketball with 25 mile per hour winds.  That’s why golf is great.  Because you have all eyes on you to hit a little white ball 200 yards four feet from the hole, while you have to fight off other golfers and Mother Nature.

I’m not taking anything away from basketball, it is entertaining but its predictability is slowly hurting it.  If you want to watch something that is amazing and have you on the edge of your seat, then golf is for you.  It has everything from full on meltdowns (Molinari, my guy, you blew The Masters), to overall great sports moments like Tiger winning The Masters to Koepka leading wire-to-wire.

Watch golf!  It’s everything you want if you’re a “me” kind of person who is done with sports predictability.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)



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