The Patriots Soap Opera

Oof. What a crap-stain on the underwear that is the Patriots dynasty. A horrible ending to a great season, and what looked to be the most historic run ever. I won’t get too into where this makes this team stands in NFL history now, but this has turned even more sour since. In “Days of Our Lives: New England Edition” it seems like there is never ending drama. As a Patriots fan, I had come to terms with the fact that within the next 2-5 years, this dynasty might be coming to an end, and the team would (most likely) return to mediocrity. I did not think it would happen like this.

I think the whole Malcolm Butler decision has left a bad taste in all of our mouths will Bill. I get his way of punishing players, but you couldn’t have put him in for the second half? I’m going to try to stick to the flu as the reason he didn’t play. I hate the speculation and rumors, although my favorite was that Butler was the source for the Seth Wickersham story. I won’t assume what happens until somebody actually releases a reason. Either way, I’d be surprised if Butler wears a Patriots uniform next season. Now if Bill really is on his way out in the next few years, I’m glad McDaniels is back. Good coaching is at a premium in this league, and anyone they could bring in from the outside would probably suck. Now McDaniels did not have a good head coaching experience, but this is a place he is comfortable with, and I believe he will be the next best option. Will he win double digit games all the time? Probably not. Will he win 5 Super Bowls? I’d be surprised if he got one, but I would be even more surprised to see a guy like Matt Nagy or Dirk Koetter winning one.

Now all we need to hope is that there really is not a mutiny going on against Belichick right now. This might be the first time ever I really do not believe in what his decision was, and he needs to sack up and admit he made a mistake that caused a Super Bowl loss. I hope Tom and Bill can come to terms with eachother and the team, and make one more run at that Lombardi Trophy. If they can do that, all my conflict as to how I feel about this team will go away. If this “power struggle” continues to get worse, and somebody leaves on bad terms before the season starts, you can catch me watching the Massachusetts Pirates in Worcester, and maybe being a huge advocate of the XFL. But for the moment, have a great offseason in Nantucket Bill, and I hope you do some serious thinking.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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