The Patriots need a big jump from Kendrick Bourne in 2022

The NFL Draft has come and gone and the Patriots…well…they were at the draft. We should’ve known that the Patriots would do something like they did in the draft. But one piece that Patriots fans are happy with is wide receiver Kendrick Bourne. Remember, Bourne signed last offseason for a three-year, $22.5 million dollar contract. He made good on that contract in year one. But what can we expect from the wide receiver in year two? Well, we should expect a big jump from Kendrick Bourne with the Patriots in 2022 and here’s why.

Another Year with Mac Jones

It’s obviously very clear that Mac Jones and Kendrick Bourne get along well. They were holding a draft party together, where they reacted hilariously to the Patriots trading down in the first round. Regardless, chemistry is everything with the quarterback and wide receiver. There were some games, such as the Tennessee game at home, where the chemistry between the two looked really good. But we need to see more of that. Another year with Mac under center and Bourne in the offense should give the Patriots a noticeable jump on offense.

Look at the Rest of the AFC East!

The rest of the AFC East has a definitive number one receiver. We have the Buffalo Bills, who had Stefan Diggs burn us two years in a row in Gillette Stadium. Then of course, the Miami Dolphins pulled off a stunner of a trade to land Tyreek Hill. Then there’s the Jets, who are giving an honest effort to try to upgrade at the position. If the Patriots want to win some games in the division, they need a receiver to step up and that receiver is Kendrick Bourne. He’s quick, shifty, and can give you some good yards after the catch.

In Conclusion

These two big reasons should make you think that Kendrick Bourne should take a big jump in year two with the Patriots. They need it! Sure, De’Vante Parker is in the fold now. But what about the uncertainties that come with Nelson Agholor and N’Keal Harry? You have Bourne, Jakobi Meyers, Tyquan Thornton, and the tight ends. That’s a lot of Mac Jones to throw to next season. Hopefully, Bourne keeps playing up to his contract and we see his numbers explode in the 2022 season.

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: heavy.com

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