The Patriots Impress In Free Agency

Today, the New England Patriots had the biggest free agent day in NFL history… or at least from what I can remember.  But seriously, when was the last night time the Patriots were this impressive in free agency?  Never.  They have had big name signings like Revis, Moss, and Gilmore, but we have never seen this type of activity from Belichick.

ESPN/Patriots reporter Mike Reiss tweeted their impressive and successful free agency so far.  Today alone they spent $194.5 million.  When was the last time you saw this type of “fuck you” behavior from Belichick in free agency?  NEVER!  This was what every Pats’ fan wanted today.  We just saw our prodigal son win his 7th Super Bowl and first since leaving the Patriots, and a month later Belichick is having the biggest shopping spree in history of the team.  Not to mention, he filled every team need.

As much as I don’t really like the Newton signing, signing Agholor, Smith, and Bourne are steps to get Newton some help.  Hopefully, Edelman is back to healthy (or even on the team) and Harry can step up in a huge contract year.  Not to mention, Meyers showed some signs and both Michel and Harris are prominent running backs for Newton to use.  Hopefully they can turn that 15 pick into either Mac Jones or Kyle Trask or one of the two Alabama receivers.

As much as I love what the offense is looking like, I am more impressed with the defense.  I had no idea Matthew Judon was elite.  I legit had no idea.  I thought he was just a solid linebacker, but oh no.  He was Baltimore’s highest used defensive player last season and I couldn’t be more than happy to have him lineup next to Hightower.  The Jalen Mills signing is also great.  We have no idea what Gilmore’s future is with the Patriots.  My guess is they will sign and trade him on draft night for picks.  Fine, I’m fine with that.  Gilmore only wants to play for a contender, and that’s fine.  Maybe they trade him back to Buffalo and can get some picks for him.

Overall, I am very happy with how Belichick approached free agency today.  He went out, spent, and filled in the team’s weaknesses.  Next stop is the draft and then we get to see what this team can do.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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