The Original Xbox was Better than the PS2

Today is the 20th birthday of the Playstation 2, so happy birthday! But thinking the PS2 was better than the original Xbox is laughable. Xbox is, was, and will always be king compared the Playstation. I was blessed enough to live in a household where I had both (shout out only child life). The Xbox was 5 year old Johnny’s bae.

What’s absurd is that when Twitter polls and video game blogs come out they constantly have the PS2 ahead of the Xbox and Xbox 360 and even its own successor, the PS3. The PS2 is a good (yes good) gaming console but what did it have that the Xbox didn’t?

The Xbox was blessed with Halo and further advanced Call of Duty into what it is today. Any video gamer can admit CoD is much more prominent/better on Xbox than on Playstation. In recent history though, Playstation has had much better games than Xbox, but Xbox multiplayer is better and multiplayer is king! PS2 did have God of War and Metal Gear solid, but neither of those matched up to the impact Halo had.

What’s funny is that most of the “best PS2 games” were also for Xbox…

PS2 never had a game that could top Halo and every other game was also for the Xbox. So how can you just say the PS2 is better than the Xbox when they literally have 98% of the same games?? Nah it doesn’t work like that. The Playstation only has only beaten Xbox once, and that’s with this current generation. The PS4 is better than the Xbox One and I can admit that as a Xbox One user.

Both consoles did have some unreal games and moments and both are a legit staple in every 18-40 year old’s childhood.

-John McCormack (@Uncle_Mac4)

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