The Oakland Raiders Continue to Take Hits

According to Ian Rapport of the NFL Network, Marshawn Lynch will miss at least miss one month with a groin injury. Lynch has been dealing with this injury all season long but has been able to have a productive year despite all the drama that has happened since Coach John Gruden’s arrival. Oakland has gone from looking like a true contender in the AFC to one of the worst teams in the NFL. When Derek Carr broke his fibula in the 2016 season, Carr and the Raiders have never bounced back.

No one knows what in the world Coach Gruden is trying to establish in Oakland, soon to be the Las Vegas Raiders. First, Gruden first ships off his best player, Khalil Mack, to the Chicago Bears, leaving Raider fans very irritated. Someone has even started a website, IsGrudenDoneYet.com, showing the frustration in Oakland fans. Second, Derek Carr has been atrocious all season long, tied for second in interceptions thrown. People really thought Gruden would work with Derek Carr to become a better quarterback. Clearly, this hasn’t quite happened and doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. Wide-Receiver, Amari Cooper, has maybe had one good game but other than that, he has been a non-factor in the six game they have played this year.

Now, as mentioned, the only player that has been productive for Oakland this year, Marshawn Lynch, is going to be out for a month. Now, to make matters worse, according to again to Ian Rapport, the Raiders are considering putting Lynch on the IR. This will most likely mean he’ll be done for the year. This does open up an opportunity for running back Doug Martin, who had solid moments in Tampa Bay. Don’t get too excited, with the way the season has been going for the Raiders, this could be a disaster.

As the team makes the transition from Oakland to Las Vegas, Coach Gruden doesn’t seem to know what kind of team he’ll have by that time. I know Gruden has nine years after this year but fans aren’t going to appreciate losing season after losing season. They expect a competitive team with a chance to make the playoffs every year. If Gruden continues to make questionable coaching decisions, he won’t be making the end of that ten-year contract.

– Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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