The New York Giants Continue to be a Dumpster Fire

What a joke this franchise is. The New York Giants completely blew their expectations this year in what will most likely be a 2-14 finish to a very underwhelming season. We should all know what happened with Eli Manning by now, which resulted in the mid-season firing of head coach Ben McAdoo. It hasn’t exactly been the best year for the G-Men and their fans, and now it’s only getting worse:

Yesterday on an ESPN Radio show, safety Landon Collins called his teammate Eli Apple a cancer, and said that he has to be removed from the locker room. I think if you’re a part of the Giants organization or even a fan, this has to be the last thing you want to hear right now. The team has been complete garbage this season, players are doing and saying whatever they want, you have no head coach, no sense of direction, and the one player who you can maybe build your defense around is going out and calling one of his teammates a cancer. What a god damn nightmare.

Eli Apple definitley hasn’t benefitted his team with how he acts off the field by bolting from film sessions and ripping the coaching staff. But with your teams current state, you have to try avoiding an answer like that if your Collins. What he said may have been true, but it only makes the Giants look even dumber as an organization for not having control over their players. If somebody said that in New England, they’d be on the first flight out.

And to make things even worse, just one day after these comments were made by Collins, the Giants announce this:

The Giants suspending Apple only says one thing to me, and that’s that they agree with Collins. If they were smart, Apple wouldn’t be in New York next season. They clearly showed what side they’re on by doing this.

Ever since Tom Coughlin was canned two years ago, this team has had zero discipline. I think he played a very underappreciated role in what they were able to accomplish during his time as HC. I’d be stupid to say we don’t know how good of a coach he was, but he was able to keep his players under control for the most part. Ben McAdoo couldn’t, and that’s exactly why he’s gone. I don’t think the Giants organization has a clue as to what they’re doing right now.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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