The New York Giants are a Mess, Again


Let’s start from the top here. New York Giants’ UFA Landon Collins was reportedly seen emptying out his locker today, as he prepares for his impending free agency. I don’t know about you guys, but pre-maturely emptying out your locker feels like a pretty good sign that you don’t plan on re-signing with your team. After that report was refuted by some nub named Paul Schwartz, Collins basically said everything left in the locker was meaningless to him anyways, implying that he won’t be back for any of it. WOW.

Collins clearly wants nothing to do with the Giants anymore, which I find hilarious. And why should he? Ever since their last playoff appearance, this team has been an absolute dumpster fire both on and off the field. They fired Ben McAdoo, watched his replacement fail to meet expectations, have had countless locker room issues, came very close to trading Odell (then re-signed him), and have had just one winning season in the last six years. Why would ANYONE want to play for such an unstable franchise? They almost remind me of the Knicks.

Oh, and to make matters worse for the G-Men, Odell seems pissed off again too:

These tweets are extremely cryptic, so there’s no telling exactly what’s going on with OBJ. His name has been in trade rumors again recently. I could see that being it, but who knows honestly. But if your franchise WR is pissed, you’re on the verge of losing your top defensive player, and you still have Eli Manning as your starting QB with no back-up plan set in place, you’re probably not in a good spot.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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