The NBA Preseason Schedule is Out and I’m Ready to get Heartbroken by the Celtics Again

I still remember being mad about how the season ended just a short while ago. It seemed like everything was going the Celtics way. They took down the defending NBA champion Toronto Raptors in a grueling seven game series. The Miami Heat knocked out the one seed Milwaukee Bucks. I thought this was the year the Celtics would go to the NBA Finals. NOPE! Miami stunned the Celtics in six games and I was sick about it. Well now some time has passed (two months EXACTLY) and now we’re talking about the NBA preseason! The preseason schedule dropped today and it has me ready to get heartbroken all over again.

Before I get angry at how the season will end down the line, let’s look at the Celtics brief preseason schedule.

Tuesday 12/15 @ Philadelphia 76ers

This is where we get our first look at Doc Rivers as head coach for the 76ers. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Alas, that’s the reality we’re living in currently. This will be nice to just have some basketball to watch again. It’ll give us a chance to see the rookies (Nesmith and Pritchard) as well as limited action from guys like Tristan Thompson and Jeff Teague for the first time in a Celtics uniform. It’s only the preseason, but I wonder if this will be a preview of the season series to come. Will Philly finally be able to overcome the Celtics in the playoffs? This game could give us a very small first indication of the answer to that question.

Friday 12/18 vs. Brooklyn Nets

Let’s be honest here. Kyrie isn’t showing up to Boston, right? Right! Okay, good; glad that’s covered. We get to see the first of many matchups between Kevin Durant and Kyrie in the East under new head coach Steve Nash. This Nets team is supposed to be a favorite to win the East now with the two superstars healthy and ready to go. Will the Nets take the jump everyone expects them to? Or will the KD-Kyrie experiment blow up in their face? Personally, I hope it’s the latter. Not for the sake of Durant obviously, because he seems like a good enough guy. But for everything that happened with Kyrie, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the Nets didn’t meet expectations.

In Conclusion

I’m happy that the Celtics are close to being back already! The Patriots are mediocre at best. My beloved Boston Red Sox don’t start for several more months. I’m not a huge Bruins fan until the postseason. So the Celtics are my source of Boston sports entertainment because of how good and fun they are to watch. Only a few weeks left until the Celtics are back!

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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