The NBA Is Coming Back With 22 Teams?

So this is pretty interesting news from Shams. We have all heard the rumors that the NBA is coming back on July 31. But, we had no idea what it would look like until we got this leak this morning. So it looks like they are going to take the top 22 teams in the league who are within at least 4 games of the 8 seed.

According to Woj, the Western Conference will have 13 teams. The Eastern Conference will have only 9 teams play for a spot in the playoffs.  From my understanding of these tweets, each team will play 8 games and that will determine seeding in the playoffs?  If so, that is a dumb idea.  Let’s take the Bucks for example, say they struggle during those 8 games and finish like 5-3 that could be a three/four seed for them.  Or are these 8 games only going to count for teams who are on the bubble of making the top 8 anyway?

It just sounds really confusing if you are going to punish these teams who already clinched a spot in the playoffs.  But I could be totally wrong and these 8 games would only affect those bubble teams, then I am all for this.  Anyway we won’t find out exactly until tomorrow when the NBA has a meeting to discuss this plan.  But as for right now the NBA seems pretty much back on July 31!

Based on these teams, I think I have to take Portland to make the 8 seed.  They are the more experienced team out of the bunch.

-John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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