The NBA Has An Officiating Problem

The NBA officially has an officiating problem that needs to be addressed by Adam Silver immediately.  I am saying this from the bottom of my heart that the NBA is bad television.  The game itself is becoming tough to watch, and when you do watch it is dominated by bad officiating and controversial calls.

Last night the NBA had three prime examples of bad officiating.  First, was the “goaltend” on Celtics Tristian Thompson.  The second was the non-goaltend on Ben Simmons’ game winner.

Finally, was Luka Doncic and Head Coach Rick Carlisle getting ejected for simply arguing with a ref over a small call.

Let’s start with Thompson and Simmons.  You can clearly show from that photo that the ball is not above the rime, hence not making it a goaltend.  The officials, however, called it as such.  Then when Brad Stevens challenged it, the officials told him the play has passed.  This play right here was then proceeded by a Blazers 8-0 run to win.

Now, let’s examine Ben Simmons and his game winner.  Embiid missed a short jumper and Simmons came from the corner to tip the ball back in with no time left on the clock.  Only difference between his and Thompson’s was that Simmons’ put back was above the rim.  If the ball is above the rim and you touch it as it is coming down that is goaltending.  The NBA officials reviewed the play, because it was a game winner with no time left, and still ruled it legal.

Then we have the Mavs-Kings game.  Luka and Carlisle were ejected for having small words with the ref.  Literally every player does it.  Shit, I even do it in rec league.  But for some reason the NBA officials pick and choose when to give out technical.

Rick Carlisle explains the situation and even gives a jab at the official.  Carlisle then goes on to say that he has had 4 technicals this year and all are from the same ref…

At what point does this permanently affect the NBA?  I think if it continues we will see a massive drop in ratings.  I know for myself I have been lost this year partially because the product sucks and the officials make it too much about them.  But when does this affect the fair weather fan?  If Adam Silver doesn’t start holding officials accountable like any other job would then we could see a massive ratings drop come next year.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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