The Most Disappointing Season in Franchise History for the Boston Celtics

It’s been a couple days since the Milwaukee Bucks eliminated the Boston Celtics from the NBA Playoffs. I had to take time to process the disappointing season from this team. A team that was the favorite to go to the NBA Finals, comes out of the East as a 4 seed, and gets bounced out in the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

Last season, this team without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward went to the Eastern Conference Finals. Then you come into the following season with two all-stars, big expectations, so much buzz around the city, and you lay an egg.

Now, where does this team go from here? One part of me wants Kyrie back. However, the other part of me thinks to myself, is this team better off without him? I hate to say that because Kyrie is a real talented player, one the best players to watch.

Also, it seems to me that point guard Terry Rozier is going to be moving on. This could put the Celtics in a real difficult situation if both point guards decide to go their separate ways.

I can’t believe these are the type of stories being written about this team. All year long, they were mostly negative because they couldn’t figure it out. This team was supposed to go to the NBA Finals. This was the team that was supposed to challenge the Golden State Warriors. This was the team that was supposed to have 60 plus wins, be the number one seed in the East. I am so disappointed but as a fan, I am mostly frustrated.

This a huge off-season for the Celtics. They still have a good young core of players to compete next season. However, this off-season will determine if this team will just be 5 or 6 seed or a championship team.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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