The More Details That Come Out On The Price, Dennis Eckersley Incident Makes Price & The Red Sox Look Even Worse

So here it is. Finally, what we Red Sox fans have been yearning for. We finally got the details on the David Price, Dennis Eckersley incident from one of the best sports writer’s that you’ve ever seen published, Dan Shaughnessy.

Boston sports media and social media have been in an absolute craze since Shank (Shaughnessy’s nickname for those of you who don’t know) came out with this piece in the Boston Globe yesterday. The juicy details of what went down on the flight when there was a reported verbal confrontation between NESN Red Sox Color Analyst, Eck, and Boston’s number one athlete-douche bag, David Price. 

To sum up the piece, Shank said that…

-The last straw was Eck saying, “Yuck” when NESN displayed Eduardo Rodriguez’s pitching line in his Double A Portland rehab start. Which was AWFUL.

-Eck walked onto the plane where he was met by David Price who was waiting for him, standing in the aisle.

-As Eck approached him Price said, “Here he is – the greatest pitcher who ever lived! The game is easy for him!”

-Eck then stunned attemped to speak and Price exclaimed back “Get the [expletive] (gotta assume it was an “F” bomb) out of here”.

-Many players applauded.

-Eck then later attempted to walk to the front of the plane, past the card playing ball players and Price then shouted the same thing.

-Price is a cock. (That’s my take, not Shank’s).

What an absolute loser Price is, huh? I get it, a lot of the players on the team allegedly are not to fond of Dennis Eckersley, and that’s their business. But let’s be honest here, if you are going to attack somebody verbally, pull them aside like an adult and don’t put him on blast in front of the entire team. Are we serious?

My least favorite part of this story is that there were other players applauding Price’s attack on a hall of famer. Give me a break you cowards. If you all have an issue, talk to him about it? Or maybe get some thick skin. I mean my God, how many babies do we have on this team where they can’t take criticism?

We do understand what Eck’s job title is, right? Color commentator. He breaks down the analytics of the game that the average viewer may not pick up on. He criticizes and says what’s on his mind. But he isn’t over the top about it in my opinion? Which is right.

For example, the day that Price forgot to cover first base on a grounder to his left. Eck made it clear he wasn’t happy that Price has a mental lapse… But he even said that he’s done it in the past.

And you’re telling the media the next day that some people just don’t know how hard it is? Are you talking about the hall of famer who dealt with substance abuse off of the field? You’re right Price.

And the fact that he had to do it in front of people is what gets me. It’s the full blown mob mentality. He won’t do this face to face with Eck. He has to have his teammates there to applaud him and say, “You go Pricey! You’re so brave standing up to the big bad ex-player!”.

And not giving Eck a chance to rebuttal is A+ coward. Let the guy give his two cents. Please.

And on the Red Sox side, how do you not address this to the media? Was there an apology? Did John Farrell say anything to Price? Because this is an absolutely disgusting, disrespectful act that Price committed. And he needs to apologize to Eck. He won’t because again, he’s a lowly coward who can’t take criticism.

Sure, some people may criticize you, but I can’t stress enough that the way you take care of this is by bringing them aside, and talking to them mano y mano.

Even with the way that he addressed CSNNE’s Evan Drellich is despicable. Chewed him out in front of all of the media, and I assume the players were in shouting distance? Again, DO IT ONE ON ONE. What, are you afraid that if they are in a situation that they can bark back, they might scare you. Oh, they might be mean to you Mr. Price. Wah.

Take your 31 million and eat it Price. Please. I can’t deal with you after the 2018 season.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)




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