The Mookie Betts Trade Could Be The Craziest Trade Ever

I hated it. and I probably still do. How do you trade Mookie Betts, a fan favorite, a great guy, a generation talent for a punk with a broken back, and a couple of prospects?

Well, now I may have to eat crow. The MLB announced that regardless if players play even a single inning this year, they will still have a year of service time applied to their “clock”, meaning, for use Sox fans, Mookie could have potentially been traded for that punk and 2 prospects, and he could never actually play a single game for the Dodgers.

Think about that….

YES. Its possible that Mookie comes back as a free agent without ever playing another game for a different team. Chaim Bloom is the luckiest man around if that happens. This trade would be absolute robbery if that happens, as Jeter Downs look like he could be a serviceable infielder (I just want him to be the greatest Jeter infielder ever), and Connor Wong definitely has upside. And yes, Im leaving Alex Verdugo off of this list because I cant stand him.

Do we want Mookie back? Well I know what fans will say, but lets leave that for another day. But the potential of this trade being a bust for the Dodgers, and us literally losing nothing other then David Price is crazy fascinating.

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-Dave Little (@DLittleMLB)

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