The MLB Screwed Up On Jose Urena’s Suspension

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Ronald Acuna has been on an absolute tear for the Braves since the All-Star Break. Acuna who, heading into Wednesdays game against the Marlins, had homered in 5 straight games. 3 of those were against the Marlins.

Apparently, that didn’t sit well with Jose Urena of the Marlins for some reason. Urena was on the bump to start the game but didn’t last past the first pitch of the game. The reason? He decided to uncoil a 97 MPH fastball into Acuna elbow, forcing Acuna to leave the game. Bush league! Absolutely pathetic on Urena end. That 97 MPH pitch by the way, the fastest pitch Urena has thrown. EVER!

The benches emptied obviously and Urena ended up getting tossed but not till everyone returned to the dugout and Braves manager Brian Snitker came back out to argue with the umps. Resulting in him also getting thrown out. Absolute shit show!

The MLB comes down with a suspension for Urena of 6 games…6 god damn games? That is it? He should be handed a much harsher punishment! This is why baseballs younger crowd is diminishing fast! You have a young kid (20) who is awesome to watch especially with the way he is playing and you then have a scumbag like Urena deliberately try to hurt him with a pitch, which succeeded, and all you are going to do is force Urena to miss 1 start? Pathetic!

MLB definitely needs a younger crowd and allowing the leagues best and brightest stars to get hurt by a knucklehead who thinks he is better than he actually is. If I’m Jeter I am walking my ass down to that clubhouse and going right up to Urena and telling him to pack his 4.75 ERA ass up and go find a new team to play for. The MLB screwed up the punishment, that doesn’t mean Jeter can’t take things into his own hands! Figure it out MLB and get rid of Urena and set the president that shit like that is not allowed.


-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)


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