The MLB Is WRONG For This!

Not to beat a dead horse here once again but, what the hell is going within the MLB voters? First off I’m going to start off by saying that its bullshit that JD Martinez didn’t win MVP.  Not only did he put up unreal numbers but having him in the lineup allowed for players LIKE MOOKIE to see better pitches to hit because pitchers didn’t want to face JD. To me that is definitely a huge part of the MVP conversation. I personally don’t think you should look at the overall success of the team to determine the MVP but you can look at how that player affects the lineup and JD effected it in a massive way. Mookie (who will probably win MVP) stats went from .246 avg. with 24 home runs in 153 games in 2017 (without JD) to .346 avg. with 32 home runs in 136 games in 2018. So, you add JD to the lineup now all of a sudden Mookie’s average goes up almost 100 points and he hits almost 10 more home runs all while playing in 17 fewer games this year. You do the math on that.

Now I’m not bashing Mookie, the guy is the best player on the planet right now, he had an unreal year. What really through me off was the whole argument of “well JD is a DH” ok solid argument and i get it. First off to counter that, he didn’t want to be a DH he wanted to play the outfield more. Secondly, if he didn’t play the outfield enough to win MVP…HOW DOES HE PLAY OUTFIELD ENOUGH TO WIN A SILVER SLUGGER AS ONE? To me thats just being a hypocrite like make up your mind!

JD is the first player in history to win a Sliver Slugger at both DH and outfield. definitely nothing to scoff at, unreal accomplishment to cap off an unreal year. I just don’t see how you are able to award the guy a sliver slugger as both position if part of your argument for the MVP is that he didn’t play enough outfield? Couldn’t that same argument be said for the Silver Slugger Award? Doesn’t make much sense to me! Anyway, that’s all for me. Go Sox! Yankees suck and they always will! Brian Cashman can go cry himself to sleep every night!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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