The Miami Dolphins Continue to Tank by Trading Minkah Fitzpatrick

The Miami Dolphins appear to be on a mission this year.

Normally, when you hear of a team being “on a mission,” you assume they’re trying to make a run at the Super Bowl or do something positive. The Dolphins are doing quite the opposite of that, you see. Miami is currently on a mission to be the worst team in the NFL this year, and they’re doing a pretty damn good job at it.

After they were shutout at home by the Patriots on Sunday afternoon, the Phins are officially being outscored 102-10 this season in their first two games. Thats an average of 51 points allowed per game, putting them on pace to give up 816 points this year. I’m not even going to look this up, but that’s got to be the most points allowed EVER in a single season, right? Right.

And of course the players are unhappy about all of this, as they should be. No professional athlete should want to be a part of a tanking team, especially in such a dangerous sport like football. Their (former) disgruntled star corner Minkah Fitzpatrick even went as far as requesting a trade this past week, and he got it.

The Dolphins traded Fitzpatrick to the Steelers in exchange for a first-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. This is the third major trade this team has made since the start of the regular season. They shipped off LT Laremy Tunsil and WR Kenny Stills to the Houston Texans for a first rounder, and they also traded veteran linebacker Kiko Alonso to the New Orleans Saints for another linebacker whom I could care less about.

This team has made it very obvious that they’ve already thrown in the towel this year based off their transactions alone. The performances that they’ve been putting on the field week in and week out only add onto that. I just feel bad for first year HC, and former Patriots coordinator, Brian Flores. If he gets booted after one season because of this disaster, Miami has some serious front office issues worth addressing (as if that wasn’t prevalent before). I think they’re going to learn really quick that tanking only works in the NBA.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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