The Los Angeles Clippers MUST Win Tonight

The Los Angeles Clippers have quote on quote “payed for their crimes” so far in the first two games of their series with Dallas. It seemed that the Clippers “tanked” the last two games of the regular season to avoid having to play the Lakers until the Western Conference Final. The thing is that the Lakers have looked very beatable. So avoiding them in a second round collision looks like a bad move at the moment. We have seen the Dallas Mavericks absolutely shoot lights out in both games of the series so far. Will they cool off heading back home to Dallas up two games to none? Here is why tonight is a must win scenario for the Clippers franchise as a whole.

The Team’s Future

If the Clippers lose in the first round this year, there will be big changes coming in the organization. There is a realistic chance that Kawhi leaves to go play elsewhere as he will more than likely opt out in free agency. Then what do you do next if you are the Clippers? You are already locked up on Paul George on a max contract so what do you do if Kawhi leaves? Do you build around George? If you build around George how will the team look? Will the team be better or worse without Kawhi? So many questions hang within the balance of tonight’s game.

Adjustments Needed To Be Made

For starters, Ty Lue needs to stop having Patrick Beverley guarding Luka Doncic. It doesn’t work and we have seen Luka dominate in those first two games with him guarding him. In order to slow down Luka, you need someone else to step up on him defensively. Whether it is Marcus Morris or another forward you need to slow this guy down. Doncic has been the best player in the series, and if the Clippers can’t stop him they will pack their bags early. They can’t blow a series lead because they are trailing in the series, but they need to show up in a big way tonight.

Final Thought

If the Clippers win this game tonight, there is no doubt in my mind that they win this series. Get the monkey off your back and go out tonight, give it your all, and get the W tonight. The Mavericks will start missing, play better defensively, and make your shots when it counts. Let’s Go Clippers! #ClipperNation

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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