This List of Gronk’s NFL Records Is Blasphemous

The news of Gronk announcing his retirement yesterday on Instagram caught everyone off guard. Maybe it didn’t shock everyone that this ended up being his decision, but it felt like it just came out of nowhere. For a guy of his caliber and stature in the league, I figured that there might be a press conference or something. But instead, he just dropped this news FROM THE TREES on me yesterday while I was enjoying a nice, fine meal at an Irish Pub.

And look, we all understand how dominant Gronk was over his career. That goes without saying. I’m one of those people who thinks that he is far and away the greatest tight end to ever live. And if he isn’t the GOAT, he’s at least the most dominant and that goes without question.

There were times where he straight up made full grown men look like toddlers trying to hang onto their dad’s legs while he was running. It was asinine to watch him do what he did. And every year it just looked like he wasn’t going to ever slow down.

And you want to see something even more asinine to go along with his career? Sports Illustrated dropped this picture of a list on Instagram showing all of Gronk’s records that he holds in the NFL. And holy hell. The guy was a Madden cheat code.

That is 16 individual records that this guy holds in the top football league in the world. I don’t understand this question of whether or not he’ll be a first ballot hall of famer. Are we serious? There’s not a single doubt that this guy is a hall of famer. So why would it take more than one try to get him in? Regardless of the longevity argument that some people like to throw out there, Gronk was the most coveted player in football. He was unlike anything that we have EVER seen in the game. And we’re going to question whether or not this guy is a first ballot hall of famer? Please.

If you question whether or not he belongs in Canton, lay off the stupid juice (sick joke, Nick).

This record list is bananas from top to bottom. Just to read what he did not only through his career but at the beginning especially is preposterous. From the moment he stepped into the league, after being drafted lower than anticipated because of back issues, you knew he was going to be something special. And my God was he.

Thank you, Gronk, for being one of the most electrifying athletes the NFL has ever seen.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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