The Latest Victim of a Failed Burner Account: Dez Bryant

If you’ve been following my blogs at all, you know that I LIVE for athletes who have fake burner accounts.

Our latest victim: FA WR Dez Bryant. Since being released by the Cowboys in April, Dez has done a great job of catching headlines without even stepping on a football field. He unloads his takes on Twitter almost religiously, ranging from his opinion on former teammates/coaches, all the way to who he’d like to see himself play with at some point this season:

Most people who use Twitter know that when you’re churning out takes at the rate that Dez does, it’s nice to have someone agreeing with what you have to say. In Dez’s case, he decided it would be a good idea to take a page out of Kevin Durant’s book and make a fake Twitter account that makes it look like someone is agreeing with what he has to say, when in reality it’s just him. The only problem with that for Dez is that he literally took every page out of KD’s book, including the part where he forgot to sign out of his main account before shooting off a tweet that was meant for a burner:

You gotta love it, right? Dez needs people to be on his side so badly that he’s creating fake Twitter accounts so people think others are agreeing with what he has to say. It’s pathetic, but oh so hilarious at the same time. Athletes continue to amaze me.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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