The Kardashians Are Coming to Boston

Danny Ainge, what have you done! The Celtics will sign big man Tristan Thompson to a two-year deal for $19 million dollars. The Celtics finally get a center in Thompson to add to this roster that went to the Eastern Conference Finals last season. The move makes complete sense for the C’s but there is another factor that comes along with Thompson. He brings the Kardashian clan to Boston and that circus means content. 

Following the announcement that Thompson would be signing with Boston, the entertainment industry began to comment. The first Kardashian announced her support for Thompson on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian announced to the world her support for Thompson.

These are no longer the Green Teamer’s Celtics, these are Kim K’s Celtics and it’s time to get ready for that. That means future President-elect Kayne West, Kourtney and Scott Disick, Kris Jenner and her new ears, I mean this has so much potential it’s comical.

The whole Kayne factor is intriguing, because he not only is still a successful rapper, he wants to be the President. He’s been at odds with Kim at times and he’s called her mother “Kris Jong Un”. I have been very critical of Ainge the last few years, but he absolutely nailed this free agent signing on so many levels.

KUWTK: Beantown

The newest Celtics center has reconciled with Khloe and he’s getting his Taco Tuesday buddy back. If you happen to watch Keep Up With the Kardashians, you’ll know the whole situation between him and Khloe. I just watched two episodes and it’s a dumpster fire, but I couldn’t stop watching.

“We’re in a good space but, obviously you know, I lost my partner-in-crime, my taco Tuesday buddy. It’s like, damn. When it hits you, it hits you hard”, said Thompson to actress Malika Haqq.

Everything is coming up Danny with this latest free agent signing. Ainge literally might have kept the entire “KUWTK” series alive with this signing. A “KUWTK” Beantown spinoff might be on the docket for E!.

All of this is coming to Boston, all of it. There’s nothing that could go wrong here, right?

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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