The Falcons Have A Chick-fil-A In Their New Stadium… But It Won’t Be Open On Sundays

This is by far my favorite story of the week. Falcons fans can’t catch a God damn break. Oops, shouldn’t say “God” like that when talking about Chick-fil-A, huh?

So due to the owners notorious religious beliefs, his famous fast food chain is known to not be open on Sundays. Everybody kinda gets that. Remember, this is the same guy who straight up wouldn’t hire any gay people because that goes against the bible. This guy isn’t just religious, he’s “I waited until marriage to make sweet, sweet love” religious.

Now I get it, there will be other events going on at the brand new Mercedez-Benz stadium so it will be open on days other than Sunday, but to have a restaurant that will never open on Sundays in a place that is being promoted as a big-time new football stadium is asinine.

But I love this guys tenacity. He doesn’t give an eff is the big ol’ people of Georgia are lining up for miles outside of his restaurants doors on a football Sunday. You ain’t getting no chicken on God’s day that’s for damn sure.

But seriously, Falcons fans had to endure one of the most impressive/embarrassing comebacks in sports history, and now they have to deal with the tease of a Chick-fil-A in their shiny new stadium?

This is hysterical to me. It’s like if you were to be given a brand new BMW… but not the keys. You legit can just look at it. Laugh out loud funny.

And the best part of this entire issue is that 7 of 8 of the Birds home games are going to be played on Sundays. HA. Enjoy your stadium food schlubs. Maybe if you stand outside the closed gate to the restaurant you can almost smell it.

Written By: Nick Quaglia

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