The Detroit Pistons Just Bought A New G-League Team

An hour ago, Chris Haynes tweeted that the Detroit Pistons have bought the Northern Arizona Suns from the Phoenix Suns…

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not sure how that works.  If it even does.  Like I get that the Suns can sell their G-League team but the Detroit Pistons already have one – The Grand Rapids Drive.  The Drive?! No wonder why the Pistons bought a new team, that’s a horrible name.  But anyway, with the new purchase of the NA Suns, what happens to the Drive now?  Also why would you sell your G-League team?

First thing that came to mind is that the Phoenix Suns might be going through some financial issues and selling the NA Suns might help with some of that burden.  This is no surprise at how bad the Suns are ran from a front office standpoint.  The owner, Robert Sarver, has been accused time after time for not caring about the team and is only in it for the money (or lack of, now).  I remember a few years ago someones grandmother ripped Sarver for not caring about the team, fans, or city.  Which considering how bad the Suns have been since Steve Nash left, I don’t blame them for saying that.

So, maybe the Suns needed some extra money and the easy out was selling the NA Suns.  Ok, I can understand that.  But now, why would the Pistons swoop in and buy this team?  What does this have to show for the talent that is currently within the Drive organization?  Are the Drive up for sale now?  I don’t know.  But if you buy a new car, you’re not going to keep your old one.  Or this is a part of a bigger scheme by the NBA?

It is no surprise that the G-League is shelling money out to top prospects to keep them from going to college, BUT what if in the near future a prospect can sign to a specific G-League team and then would go on in a year to play for that teams NBA affiliate?  I’m just throwing that out there, but this had to be a 100% strategic move from the Pistons and I’m curious as to see what comes from this.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)


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